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Preventative Maintenance Scheduling Software

The Preventative Maintenance (PM) Scheduling allows for the building and/or tracking of preventative maintenance billing, work schedules, tasks and contracts across site locations. The advantage of this PM scheduling software is national accounts managers can quickly set parameters and designate them for multiple sites, rather than entering each site's data individually. So whether a contract covers five properties or five hundred, the PM Scheduling Software will enable your personnel to efficiently administer preventative maintenance work order scheduling, billing and subcontractor PO generation.

Benefits — Preventive Maintenance (PM) Scheduling Software for Facilities Management

Features — Preventative Maintenance (PM) Scheduling Software for Facilities Management


pm scheduling software in action

Based on the preventative maintenance schedule, a scheduled visit is made to one of your largest customers.
Technician IconWhile at the site, another issue is found requiring a more experienced sub to be called. During the sub's visit, extra parts are used to make the preventative repairs complete. Once the work is complete, the sub then calls the dispatcher.
The extra work and parts are recorded, automatically updating the PO and work order accordingly. The cost information can then be taken into account when the contract is up for renewal.
preventive maintenance software
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