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data-basics hired by leading telecom and security company for integrated project and service management software solution

MidCo, Inc. selects SAMPro Enterprise software

CLEVELAND — October 31, 2006 — After an extensive search to replace an aging custom software package, Chicago-based MidCo has chosen Data-Basics' SAMPro Enterprise software to address its project management and service management needs. SAMPro Enterprise will unify the telecom and security company's service, repair and installation business with areas including inventory management, project management and accounting through a single, streamlined software solution.

MidCo – family-owned company firm with more than 100 employees – has provided clients across the continental United States with private telecommunications systems, voice mail, integrated networking, network services, access door control, CCTV, video imaging, biometric readers and emergency response stations since 1960. A panel comprised of upper management from across the company carefully reviewed numerous service management software packages with Data-Basics' solution coming out on top

"Because of its service and project management capabilities, SAMPro is simply the best fit for us," said Michael Janik, MidCo's vice president of operations. "The biggest improvement to our service will be escalation through Rules-Based Management. This will save us money and keep us on top of the things that have a tendency to slip through the cracks."

Rules-Based Management technology proactively manages routine activities and enforces a fixed set of rules to help streamline and automate the service workflow. It does so by enforcing rules that have been predetermined by a company to engage a series of alarms for action when things do not go as planned.

By raising flags and addressing issues before they get out of control, Rules-Based Management automates critical tasks, reducing the amount of human intervention and, therefore, streamlining operations throughout an organization.

MidCo will also implement Data-Basics' TimeAnywhere and TechAnywhere 2.0 software components. The latter supplies field technicians with wireless access to work orders using mobile devices.

It was industry-leading software features like these that helped SAMPro Enterprise stand out among other project and service management software packages.

"MidCo is a company that deals with a lot of cutting edge products for telephone and security," said Janik. "Since we're out there on the cutting edge, we want the software to support us to be out there with us. That is why we chose SAMPro Enterprise."

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Data-Basics Inc. ( is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for the service, construction and facilities management industries. Offering a fully integrated system, Data-Basics helps companies plan and track enterprise-wide activities in real time while managing data in a customized, secure environment. Based in Cleveland, Ohio since its establishment in 1974, Data-Basics has a growing network of dealers and offices throughout North America.

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