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work order management software: escalation manager

Work Order IconData-Basics work order software uses Escalation Manager technology which automates much of the service workflow process, using pre-defined "escalation profiles" that enable the system to automatically e-mail, fax or page a manager if a work order falls out of spec. This automated functionality built into this work order management software removes a great deal of human intervention from routine processes, helping you to more efficiently allocate (or reduce) resources for a service department and enable management by exception.

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How to Use Escalation Manager Work Order Software Technology

A client requests service via the Internet using the client Web interface, FMAnywhere.
A work order is created and assigned to a technician who is notified by e-mail.
After 2 hours, the tech has not acknowledged the work order. An alarm appears on the dispatch board, within the service scheduling software.
The tech accesses the work order with a wireless device and sets status to travel. As a result, the alarm is cancelled and the dispatch board and Web interface are updated.
The tech completes work and obtains electronic signature. The client is e-mailed a copy of the signed work order.
Work order is prepared for billing but fails to meet the gross margin. The work order appears on a manager's report, delivered by e-mail each morning.
The client automatically receives an e-mail recap of services. SAMPro Enterprise then makes sure the work order is properly billed.
Our work order management software automates the service work flow.
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Download a printable diagram that illustrates how to use Escalation Manager and how our work order escalation software works in SAMPro Enterprise. (139 KB PDF)

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