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At the core of SAMPro Enterprise is Data-Basics' signature technology known as Rules-Based Management (RBM). With RBM, you establish a set of rules that the software automatically enforces at the first sign of a potential problem. By raising flags and addressing issues before they get out of control, Rules-Based Management technology can aid in executing your corporate vision with seamless efficiency and implementing management by exception.

Benefits — Rules-Based Management Technology (Management by Exception)

Rules-Based Management technology is field-tested: by service, construction and facilities businesses. These businesses have already found our signature RBM technology to be vital in their:

In addition, RBM helped to improve efficiency, eliminating the need for additional staff and creating a better Return on Investment.

Let Data-Basics software with Rules-Based Management help with your business efficiency. Whether you are looking for work order software, service dispatch software, etc., we can help. Call Data-Basics today!

Rules-Based Management Technology: Management by Exception at Work

In a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group and the Association for Services Management (AFSM) International, Data-Basics and our client Engineering Excellence was recognized as a top entry of successful service management software implementation. But don't take our word for it:
It is not unusual for a successful services company to outgrow or outpace it infrastructure. It is less common, however, for a growing company to take the time to re-evaluate and re-engineer its internal processes and systems and to do so successfully. EEI [Engineering Excellence, Inc.] has managed to continue to evolve its business into new areas, and while doing so - possibly, as a result of doing so - has also successfully adopted new systems and new procedures for getting things done.

EEI's success with a new business model and a new application suite - Data-Basics' SAMPro Enterprise - shows how service management can evolve with and (in some cases) lead, an evolution to new ways of doing business.

— The Aberdeen Group, from What Works: Ten Significant Implementation in Services Management

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Rules-Based Management Technology in Action in Work Order Management Software

Click Here to see Rules-Based Management in Action
The following video is a 2-minute overview of Rules-Based Management technology when handling an example scenario of work order management through exception. In it, you'll discover how Rules-Based Management technology keeps projects on track from the opening of a work order through the billing process.

So sit back and experience Rules-Based Management technology at work. (The movie requires the Flash Plug-in. Also, be patient: depending on your connection, the movie may take a few moments to load – 333 KB.)
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Get out of the office and let the business run itself with Rules-Based Management.
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