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IVR Software Icon By putting the single-most common networking technology – the telephone – to use for you, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows your firm to capture real-time field service information and sales leads directly from the field. By simply interacting with the phone system, your field employees will provide quick and accurate updates to work orders and more. SAMPro Enterprise's IVR system is tied directly to the customer Web interface (FMAnywhere), service management software and CRM systems to offer a cost-effective, technology-driven solution to your field service integration needs.

Benefits — Interactive Voice Response Software (IVR Software)

Features — IVR Software


interactive voice response software in action

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The Interactive Voice Response prompts gather information from techs in the field that use the numeric keypad or speak responses that automatically update and populate the SAMPro Enterprise database.
Work orders are updated and/or sales leads communicated throughout the database in SAMPro Enterprise.
SAMPro Enterprise validates the new information and sends alarms if a work order may become past due through Escalation Manager. Status updates are also only a quick phone call away.
A field rep uses IVR to communicate with the back office and update his work order.
ivr software
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Give him a high-tech tool he already knows how to use: IVR.
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