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wireless field service software: techanywhere

Wireless Field ServiceTechAnywhere supplies field technicians with wireless field access to current work orders using Android wireless devices or tablet PCs. Since your mobile workforce is wirelessly connected to vital information, you will realize greater efficiency from field service to the back office. Furthermore, the latest implementation of TechAnywhere’s field service software leverages the benefits of tablet PCs to better emulate the paper work orders that techs are used to.

The tablet PC solution reduces the learning curve for techs, allows contractors to load other software on the wireless device (such as an estimating package or MS Office) and eliminates data entry in the back office. Best of all, there are no software integration issues since this powerful wireless dispatch and field service software is fully integrated with SAMPro Enterprise.

Benefits — Wireless Field Service Software, TechAnywhere

TechAnywhere — Which implementation is right for your firm?

Our wireless field service software, TechAnywhere, is a feature-rich component of SAMPro Enterprise with a core functionality that remains the same across hardware solutions. Compare the following hardware platforms below to select the implementation that is right for your service, construction or facilities maintenance management business.

Tablet XP
Keyboard type
Primary input method
Ultra portable
Utilizes secure, password-protected connectivity
Notify CSR of new customer requests
Receive active notication of pending work orders
Fully integrated with service management and back oce software, SAMPro Enterprise
Add labor, material and inventory to work orders
Update work order status in real time
Eliminates duplicate data entry
Utilizes “store and forward” synchronization when out of network range
Replaces paper work orders/job tickets
Capture signature electronically
Automatically fax signed work orders
Can simultaneously run other software packages (like Microsoft Office)  
Emulates paper work orders that techs are used to  
Allows creation of purchase orders in the field  
Eliminates complicated menu navigation systems
Attach scanned documents or images to work orders
Accept credit card payments in the field  
Generate and e-mail invoices for completed work orders while on site
Allows "on call" technicians to create work orders
PDF Download the comparison chart. [PDF 68 KB]


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