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Service Management Software – Requisitioning Module

If your company wants to reduce product costs while more efficiently managing inventory, the requisitioning module from Data-Basics can help. For large companies with multiple departments, this module can assist in creating one centralized purchasing group, so each department is not buying its own parts ad hoc as needed.

This new requisitioning module works with SAM-PRO service management software and job costing software to allow field technicians and project managers to notify the purchasing department which materials are needed to fulfill a work order or installation job. The module also allows technicians to forecast products needed for future PM work orders and to keep their trucks stocked with frequently used parts.

The requisitioning module can help companies buy in aggregate to satisfy the purchasing needs for the entire company. Depending on the amount of supplies your company uses, this can allow for quantity price breaks.

Is the Requisitioning Module Right for Your Business?

The new requisitioning module, tied into your business’ inventory, allows your company to:

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Specialty Contracting Testimonial
"We saw that Escalation Manager [a key technology of SAMPro Enterprise] would allow us to eliminate manual processes and proactively manage our operations. A plus was the ability to automatically keep our customers updated on the status of their work orders."

– Tom Winstel, president; Engineering Excellence
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