Service Industry Software by Data-Basics

Leading the Development of Field Service and Construction Management Software Since 1974

ERP Software Solutions for Service Contractors

The opportunity to work closely with HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and a variety of specialty contracting companies has allowed us to remain on the cutting edge of business trends and technological advancements within the service industry since 1974.

Data-Basics is one of the only software providers in the market today that offers service contractors powerful tools to accommodate both field service and construction management responsibilities in one complete ERP package. 10 techs or hundreds, a single location to multiple branches, or simply increasing your market share, our software offers the scalability and flexibility to stay competitive into the future of service contracting.


Data-Basics has worked closely with HVAC contractors since 1974 to provide the technological advancements necessary to succeed and grow. Strong relationships with our clients has been key to creating one of the most powerful and user-friendly HVAC service software products on the market today.

Advanced technology gives modern electrical contractors more control over their business than ever before. Mobile software and web portals keep you connected to your field team and your customers. SAMPro works to protect your bottom line with instant access to key business data for informed, real-time decision making.
SAMPro helps mechanical contractors that offer diverse services handle any variety of installation, maintenance, or repair projects. Business information can be stored in one database, allowing you to make decisions founded on real-time shared data and achieve greater control when allocating resources under your company umbrella.

Inventory delays and purchasing issues can dig deeply into profits for plumbing companies. Plumbing inventory management software from Data-Basics works together as a fully-integrated system with the ability to automate many manual inventory tasks. Lower your costs and save time through proactive procurement management.

As a service agregator, management responsibilities extend far beyond providing facilities managers the best technicians. It requires maintaining a solid business reputation with a variety of subcontractors in multiple markets.
Putting the power of SAMPro specialty service software to work within your facility is a cost-effective way to reduce maintenance costs, improve customer satisfaction, and keep you in control of your assets.

Restaurants, groceries, convenience stores, entertainment facilities or schools, the ability to deliver same-day service is a must and your customers won’t settle for anything less.

SAMPro service industry software controls inventory processes for a variety of contracting companies.

SAMPro Enterprise is enterprise-wide, field service management software that enables the streamlining required to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency from the field to the back office.