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Cloud-Based Fleet Management Software for SAMPro Enterprise


Fleet Management Software by Data-Basics

Increased Productivity, More Accurate Accounting & Enhanced Travel Safety


DBFleet® fleet management software displays real-time activity data with detailed work order information from your SAMPro system for a complete perspective of vehicle action and jobsite status in one convenient platform. A fully-integrated component of SAMPro, DBFleet is the simple solution to monitoring fleet activity, collecting logistical data for any size fleet and generating meaningful reports that help your management team increase efficiency.

At-a-Glance Features for Dispatchers


DBFleet® fleet management software allows your dispatchers the ability to view all scheduled work orders and vehicles at once including in-depth information like vehicle speeds, work codes and job status. Customizable filter settings and search options accommodate multiple users making it easy for each one of your dispatchers oversee near real-time field activity.


  • Unified map displaying location of fleet vehicles and SAMPro work orders
  • Multiple user defined work order filter groups defining which work orders appear on the map
  • Work order status indicator denoting work order type, priority and current status
  • Work order cluster indicator showing the number of work orders located in a displayed location
  • Vehicle indicator displaying current heading and speed alerts
HVAC company fleet vehicle using fleet management software by Data-Basics

Reporting & Analytics for Service ManagersDBFleet fleet management software reports screen for service managers


For management, fleet data is captured and securely stored in the cloud to produce the fundamental reporting and analytics needed to operate an efficient service department.


  • Dashboard analytics include Idle Time, Total Number of Speed Limit Violations, Average Speed vs. Speed Limit and Total Number of Stops
  • Work Order Time Variance Report comparing work order status time vs. vehicle on site time vs. reported labor time.
  • Work Order Distance Variance Report indicating nonsensical status changes in relation to work order location
  • Travel and Stops report containing work order data

Cloud-Based Convenience

Advanced Analytics

Improve Dispatcher Efficiency

Detailed Reporting

Promote Travel Safety

More Accurate Accounting

Increase Productivity

Greater Asset Protection

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Fleet Management Software by Data-Basics