Field Service Software and Construction Management Software:

One Complete Management System


Leading the Development of Field Service Software and Construction Management Software Products Since 1974


Our end-to-end integration allows firms that need field service software and construction software the ability to automate and streamline, all while reducing costs and increasing revenue. SAMPro Enterprise by Data-Basics is one of the only field service software systems on the market today that offers contractors powerful tools to accommodate both in one complete ERP package.

For more than 40 years, businesses with field service management, dispatching, accounting, and wireless needs have turned to SAMPro Enterprise for mission-critical service management software solutions. Explore how the power of our seamlessly integrated analytics and full suite of business management tools work together to generate business-wide efficiency and greater profits for service companies.

Explore SAMPro Enterprise Field Service Software by Category

 SAMPro’s comprehensive suite of field service software and construction management components are developed to work seamlessly together, eliminating compatibility issues and creating a single-source solution for contractors in a variety of industries.

Field Service Software

Our highly configurable field service management software is backed by a team of developers providing specialty contractors a true ERP solution.

Construction Management Software

SAMPro Enterprise is the premier, start-to-finish resource for project managers to balance time management,cost management, quality management, decision making and human resources.

Service and Construction Accounting

SAMPro Enterprise offers true ERP functionality in its comprehensive suite of accounting components and configures to any combination of field service and construction responsibilities.

Inventory Management Software

Drive down costs with our next-generation tools for advanced inventory & procurement processes and real-time access to the complete spectrum of your goods.


Document Management

Paperless work environments and centralized document storage are standard to maximizing efficiency and improving collaboration both internally and with customers.


SAMPro includes a variety of customizable, platform independent, management portals for labor time tracking, CRM, Analytics, customer self-service, and subcontractor management.

Business Analytics

There are vast amounts of insight hidden in your data! The DBAnalytics business intelligence portal transforms data into a vivid, multi-dimensional portrait of your business activity.

Integrated CRM Software

Seamless integration lets you command the power of your customer data to enhance internal communication, reinforce current customer relationships, and acquire new business all in one place.

It All Works Together.

Seamless component integration combined with SAMPro’s system-wide automation features help each department in your company to operate with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Superior Mobile Solutions & Portals

Stay in control with customizable web portals and broad range of mobile components. SAMPro enables real-time, critical communication with technicians, clients, managers, subcontractors, and vendors to keep your field teams informed, and streamline the flow of data to your back office.

System-Wide Automation

SAMPro’s workflow automation software features are built-into its core functionality for reporting, dashboard analytics, document management, and more. This technology removes great deal of human intervention from routine processes, helping you to more efficiently allocate (or reduce) resources for you service department, sales teams and back office staff.

Rules-Based Management™ (RBM) Technology is what sets SAMPro Enterprise apart from other field service software packages. Once your business puts RBM in place, you will have the tools to improve efficiency, cut costs and much more.

Field Service Software Support Services by Data-Basics

It’s all about service. Our team training approach is comprehensive with a variety of materials and ongoing support services for all back-office and web-based applications used by your project managers, technicians, and dispatchers.

Data-Basics' in-house team of field service software developers and support staff.

Software Implementation

Let us leverage our 40+ years of experience to help ensure a comfortable transition to your new field service software system without affecting your current day-to-day productivity.

Support & Upgrades

Data-Basics ensures that SAMPro software continues to deliver the maximum return on investment with continued service from our in-house support department, best-in-class software development team, and dedicated product management staff.