Payroll Software

ERP Level Accounting Software for Service and Construction Contractors


Contractor & Construction Payroll Software

SAMPro Enterprise’s payroll software is designed to answer the diverse employee management concerns of field service, construction management and specialty contracting businesses.

HVAC service manager working with payroll software for a construction project.Our payroll software is capable of much more than simply cutting checks. Able to handle an unlimited number of multi-union and multi-state employees with ease, it also acts as job costing software, sharing data seamlessly throughout your SAMPro ERP system.


  • Tracks the Direct Cost of Labor to Jobs
  • Interfaces with Remote Time Entry
  • Automatically Calculates Taxes & Deductions
  • Automatically Calculates Benefits & Overhead

Integrated Payroll Software for Service Management and Construction Projects

SAMPro Enterprise delivers powerful payroll software to reduce the time and costs involved with managing your diverse workforce regardless of your business mix of service management or construction project management responsibilities. In addition to calculating all employer taxes, union benefits, fringe benefits and allocation of other overhead (such as G & A expenses, uniforms, truck usage and communication devices), it also functions in unison with job costing, tracking the direct cost of labor to jobs.

Easily Organize, Manage, and Track Your Labor Team & Associated Costs

  • ACH / Direct Deposit.
  • Integrated Mobile Time Tracking Software: TimeAnywhere
  • Distribute time cards to an unlimited number of jobs and categories.
  • Automatically calculate taxes, deductions and fringes.
  • Easily generate complex W-2’s for employees that work in multiple locations.
  • Handle recurring and one-time deductions such as 401(k) or cafeteria plans.
  • Accommodate multiple pay cycles.
  • Define deductions as a percent of wage, per hour or a fixed amount.
  • Reduce duplicate data entry with auto-populating fields.
  • Generate pay stubs that show the break down of hours, deductions and all employee benefits.
  • Easily report workers’ comp benefits.
  • Auto-generate quarterly and annual reports that meet federal, state and local requirements.
  • Program state and local tax rates to auto-fill (by job) for field employees.
  • Built-in support for hourly, salary, commission, union, non-union, or service employee
  • Built-in support for current tax considerations, including reciprocity with state, local, and other taxes.