Software for National Maintenance Organizations

Comprehensive Technology to Drive Revenue


Software Systems for National Maintenance Organizations

Bridging Communications for Superior Service, by Data-Basics, Inc.


SAMpro’s national maintenance organization service software provides all the tools you need to deliver quality local, regional, and national service. Advanced communication technology is no longer an option in today’s service industry. The ability to bridge communication gaps and analyze business data is not only key to remaining competitive, but to staying in business.

National Maintenance Organization Service Software Features:


  • Web-Based Self-Service Portals for Facility Managers
  • Web-Based Portals for Subcontractor Management
  • Fully Integrated Mobile Field Servie Software for Technicians
  • System-Wide Automation
  • Unlimited Scalability

Communication to Drive Revenue

As a service agregator, management responsibilities extend far beyond providing facilities managers the best technicians. It requires maintaining a solid business reputation with a variety of subcontractors in multiple markets. Good businesses work with other good businesses! As a national service provider, the ability to offer comprehensive technology is key to driving revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and maintaining long-term, profitable relationships.


A Convenient, Single Point of Contact


Secure & Efficient Two-Way Communication


Better Pricing


Reliable Consistency

Secure More Contracts With

Facility Managers

  • Easily customize portals per client’s procedural needs.
  • Collect and protect accurate site records and service histories.
  • Utilize analytics to develop more efficient PM programs.
  • Limitless scalability to offer an expanded range of specialty contracting services.
  • Provide unlimited scalability for “one-company, one-invoice” convenience and multi-site consistency.
  • Market the advanced technology and automated management ability to deliver consistent, quality service technicians for each and every service call.

Maintain Relationships With

the Best Local Contractors

  • A single point of access for subcontractor invoicing.
  • Secure and efficient communication that supports profitable scheduling and daily workflow.
  • Remote, real-time access to site histories and critical equipment documentation.
  • The system-wide efficiency to offer competitive local rates.

SAMPro national maintenance organization service software provides the ability to maintain efficient, two-way communication throughout your enterprise.


Service Management

Web Portal


FMAnywhere is a browser-based tool that provides a secure and convenient way to tack and maintain your equipment. FManywhere’s unlimited storage capacity allows you to easily keep track of all of your serviceable equipment, across multiple locations.


  • Create & Manage Work Requests
  • Streamline Quotes & Approval Processes
  • Securely Store Service History
  • Print, Export & Analyze Data




Mobile Field Service

Software for Technicians


TechAnywhere is a powerful communications tool for maximizing tech performance and productivity. TechAnywhere interfaces seamlessly with all of your SAMPro system modules to capture and manage equipment data, expedite the timely completion of work orders, and ensure that your techs have access to the information they need to get the job done right.


  • Eliminate the double-entry of work orders
  • Allow “on-call” tachnicians to create work orders from the field
  • Email receipts and invoices
  • Upload site or equipment photo documentation
  • View and update equipment records
  • Real-time inventory and stock status look-ups




Subcontractor Management

Web Portal


The SubAnywhere web portal is a convenient, single point of contact for coordinating the diverse set of management responsibilities faced by service providers and their subcontractors.
Subcontractor management has never been easier. With the added power of SubAnywhere’s dedicated mobile app, subcontractor’s technicians can communicate from the field to your back office as efficiently as if they were your own technicians.


  • Interface seamlessly with SAMPro’s service management and accounting
  • Reduce the load on service coordinators
  • Receive active notification via email or text on job-site activity



Industry Integration