Inventory Management Software

The SAMPro Enterprise ERP System Inventory Management Software Suite


Wholesale Distribution Software

Software to Manage Inventory for Sales & Service Departments

Wholesale inventory management software and wholesale distribution software mak a positive impact on your field service company.From order to payment, our integrated wholesale distribution software provides you with tools to more effectively manage all aspects of your sales and distribution departments.

Taking advantage of integrated wholesale distribution software can quickly make a positive impact on your bottom line. Managing parts for both sales and service can become complex and time-consuming. Tracking inventory is just the beginning of departmental responsibilities that include vendor management, customer service, billing, and shipping.

Our wholesale distribution software can easily accommodate processes for one location or multiple warehouses. Seamless integration with the SAMPro Enterprise ERP system, real-time reporting, and advanced analytics make it possible to streamline your wholesale distribution department or add direct inventory sales to your existing business mix.

Wholesale Distribution Software Features:

  • Fast Reordering
  • View Real-Time Parts Availability
  • Receive Order Status Notifications
  • “Drop Ship Wizard” Completes Orders & Generates POs

Simplify Ordering Parts

SAMPro’s wholesale distribution software system stores all customer information for fast reordering. Parts managers can view a complete order history for each customer, including past pricing and shipping details. Information can be transferred to the new order for a completed transaction in minutes. The system is designed to expedite the ordering process even if an item isn’t in stock.

  • Use the “last time bought” feature from the order history for fast reordering.
  • Reduce order errors with the ability to view parts availability on-screen, in real time.
  • Use the “Drop Ship Wizard” to complete a client order – and generate a PO – when items are not in stock.



Ask us about your option to include an android-backed point of sale interface for will-call operations.