Job Costing Software for Contractors

The SAMPro Enterprise ERP System Construction Management Software Suite: Job Costing Software


Job Cost Accounting Software


With job costing software at the heart of SAMPro Enterprise, you can instantly check profitability across any criteria. Accessing timely, accurate and relevant job costing information has never been so easy. The information created in other areas of the company – Work Order Management, Payroll, Invoicing, AP and Purchasing – automatically feeds data to the job cost software system, removing the need to double-post data in order to track each job.




Job Costing Software Features:

construction contractor using job cost accounting software

  • Multi-Level WBS Support
  • OSIP/OCIP Discount Support
  • Web-Based Project Management Tools
  • Job Forecasting & WIP Management



Templates & Reports

  • Create new jobs fast by using any past job as a template.
  • Store and keep an unlimited number of authored notes on job, cost code or schedule of value records.
  • Keep projects on track with auto-generated and emailed reports.

Job Costing Software Tracks Costs & Billing

Track costs and billing for complex or lengthy jobs with the Project Manager Workbench. The PM Wokbench component of SAMPRo is a Silver Award Recipient of the HVACR News Dealer Design Award for contractor services and software.

  • Enter budgets for labor, material, subcontractor and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Open an unlimited number of jobs per project.
  • Allow for flexible departmental personnel sharing with service work orders that can post to a construction job.

Projects Cost-to-Completion & Analyze Revenue and Projected Profits

Our job cost accounting software allows you to quickly compare projected budgets to actual data in real-time. Real-time information produces real-time accountability. Knowing immediately where and when a project has the potential to derail gives you the opportunity to make the critical adjustments and strategic decisions necessary to get the job done right, on-time and on-budget.

Streamlines Communication For Simplified Accounting

  • Define cost codes on a job-by-job basis.
  • Simplify the billing process with job cost codes that interface with invoicing.
  • Record in-house expenses in the job journal for costing and billing purposes.
  • Supports percent completed accounting.
  • Supports WIP processing, change orders, committed costs and flexible billing items.

With the Power of ERP…

SAMPro Enterprise was created to answer the needs of service operations with any blend of local or national accounts and construction management responsibilities. Every component of SAMPro Enterprise is designed to function as part of a complete ERP system and seamlessly integrates with our customer relationship management software CRMAnywhere and business analytics component DBAnalytics.