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The SAMPro Enterprise ERP System Field Service Software Suite


Self-Service Customer Portal

Offer Your Customers a New Service: Self-Service

FMAnywhere is a browser-based tool that allows your customers a secure and easy way to review their service requests and invoices, enter a new service request, accept a quote, and much more. Our self-service portal gives your clients the power to better manage business by having all of their work history at their fingertips.

All information is auto-synced with SAMPro, delivering up-to-date, real-time data, 24/7 for you and your customers. With the FMAnywhere self-service customer portal, invite your customers to be their own project managers, and keep their service histories stored all in one place.

Self-Service Customer Portal Features:

  • Create & Manage Work Requests
  • Streamline Quotes & Approval Processes
  • Customize Per Client
  • Real-Time Information Access
  • Historical Data Storage
  • Advanced, On-Demand Reporting

Platform Independent

Your business and your customers will both enjoy the convenience and time savings that our platform independent, self-service portals offer.

Customizable, self-service portals can be linked to or embedded into your website, providing your customers a secure, way to mange service requests and more from anywhere they access the internet. While customers enjoy the convenience and reporting features of their self-service portal, your business can quickly realize the effects of increased efficiency.

Create Unique Portals for Each Customer

Unique portals can easily be made for individual customers. Set up customer dashboards to include open work orders, open quotes, closed, billed, etc. The amount of information accessible is limited only by you and can be different for each customer. Information can be locked so it is read-only and cannot be changed, but still allow your customer the access they need to make better, more informed decision about their service needs. You can even customize layout, color, and graphics options.

With Self-Service Customer Portals Your Clients Can:

  • Create Service Requests
  • Accept / Decline Quotes
  • Manage Existing & Closed Work Orders
  • Securely Store Service History
  • View Customized Dashboards
  • Print & Export Data
  • Use On-Demand Reporting Features with 35+ Analytics
“We wanted to be comfortable with the software provider that we are dealing with in terms of integrity, flexibility and responsiveness to our needs. Data-Basics has a down-to-earth style that fits well with our company.”
Pierre Guilbault

National Sales Manager, Carmichael Engineering

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

One of the major benefits of implementing a complete field service ERP software system is seamless functionality. Supported by the power of DBAnalytics, FMAnywhere’s on-demand reporting and analytic features are unmatched.


  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface with graphical presentation and detailed reporting
  • Concise presentation of all clients sites with equipment list detail at each site
  • Robust presentation of billing by site, service category, invoice, and/or timeframe
  • Analyze spend by region and branch
  • Billing by services
  • Drilldown by store, service, invoice number, etc.
  • 35+ analytics available
  • Always in real-time

Rules-Based Management Automation

As a fully integrated component of the SAMPro ERP software system, you can set your FMAnywhere customer self-service portal to automatically generate work orders. It can also be set to trigger events that require attention, commonly for a manager to view new work orders to ensure they are not duplicate calls.

Our system automation makes it easy for your staff to handle increasing service volume. FMAnywhere allows you to create and define a variety of custom problem codes and escalation profiles specific to each client. For example, if a new work order is not reviewed within a set time frame, a manager can be notified.

Self-Service Portals Support Customer Retention

The FMAnywhere customer self-service portal is a service in itself. The data collected and contained in the portal belongs to your business, and customer access to the portal is only available through your contractual agreement. Customer access to their service history, robust reporting, anylytics, and data storage are all services that you provide, and discontinue if your customer chooses another service contractor.

FMAnywhere is designed to foster customer loyalty. Self-service portals with reporting and analytics provides value added to quality service that your customers will appreciate year after year.