Business Analytics Software for Service & Construction


Why have business analytics become increasingly important in today’s marketplace? Technology now provides us a once unimaginable perspective of business interaction. The ability to collect and store vast amounts of data has inspired a deeper and more detailed understanding of efficiency, market trends, and even predictive decision-making. Business analytics software is the key to unlocking the power hidden in your data.


Dealer Design Awards 2019 Data Basics

DBAnalytics™ Web Portal Features:

  • Real-Time Mobile Access From Any Browser
  • Dedicated Mobile App for Phones and Tablets
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Track Unlimited Key Performance Indicators
  • Measure Performance Against Goals
  • User-Defined Dashboards
  • Multi-Level Analytics
  • Multi-Company Analytics
  • Secure Access to Reports in “One Click”

DBAnalytics™: Embedded Business Intelligence


DBAnalytics transforms your data into a vivid, multi-dimensional portrait of your business activities. Access instant, real-time business analysis reports with rich, informative and easy-to-create, interactive management dashboards that run in any browser locally or in the field.

Multi-level analytics can be created so that supporting data and reports are just a click away. Our embedded business intelligence software is the bedrock of proactive, fact-based decision-making.

Does My Company Need Business Analytics?

Yes. Business analytics software is honing our ability to decipher stored information much the same way that cellular technology transformed our ability to communicate more efficiently. In fact, the purpose of business analytics software is to help us correspond with our data.

What types of jobs generate the most revenue? Are all of my employees productive? What is the most popular type of job in my areas? Where am I loosing revenue? With an unlimited selection of KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators, managers can utilize information for very precise departmental needs and easily drill down from a large set to small sets of data. Overall, analytics provide organizations with new insights and better answers, helping you to manage risk, improve ROI, and increase yield.


  • Improve & Expedite Decision-Making
  • Align Resources with Strategies
  • Realize Cost Inefficiencies
  • Improve Competitiveness
  • Synchronize Financial & Operational Strategies

Real-Time, Secure Collaboration

DBAnalytics delivers real-time information on demand and lets you define your own operational objectives and timelines. Distinctive reports can be set by department and easily managed via user definable graphs and charts. Dashboard configurations are automatically saved by the user so that they follow you wherever you go.

  • Join Data from Multiple Sources
  • Share Your Information.
  • Receive Automatic Updates

Our complete range of multi-dimensional reports work to relieve the burden of collating and distributing detailed financial and statistical data that impact your bottom line. As an integrated component of our ERP system, DBAnalytics functions seamlessly with your entire database, delivering the ultimate in precision reporting on any scale. Whether you are monitoring individual departments, teams, or the company as a whole, our business analytics software keeps you connected and informed about how your company is performing against predetermined goals and measures.

Realize Confident, Fact-Based Decision Making Throughout Your Enterprise

Viewing a real-time assessment of the viability, stability, and profitability of an entire organization was once a daunting task. Today, business analytics software is a diverse tool that can be used to fashion confident, fact-based decision making in every department of your organization.

No longer reserved only for the most “critical” decisions, analytics software can track everything from individual technician work performance to your company’s overall financial picture. In an age where every business decision can be critical, business intelligence software puts qualified information at your fingertips to help you make them. DBAnalytics allows for an unlimited number of inquiry reports set to your specifications including:


  • Tech Performance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Service Quality
  • Response Time
  • Inventory Management
  • Current Resource Allocation

Business Intelligence Begins With Access to Quality Data

DBAnalytics can access data stored in every component of the SAMPro Enterprise ERP system, giving you insight into your entire warehouse of interdependent departments. Reports can be customized to evaluate any aspect of your organization’s data and displayed in graphs, league tables, or any number of reports.

The ability to examine past events accurately is invaluable to determining better ways of navigating future situations. SAMPro Enterprise stores your data with organized precision. DBAnalytics allows you to extract your data’s true value through quantitative inquiries.