Plumbing Contractor Software

Service Management Software for Plumbing Contractors by Data-Basics, Inc.


Complete Management Software for Plumbing Contractors

Our fully-integrated plumbing contractor management software systems help service companies increase productivity and profit with system-wide automation features and a comprehensive set of modules. 40 years of experience developing field service management and accounting systems for specialty service contractors has made SAMpro Enterprise an industry standard in both functionality and automation.

  • Business-Wide Automation & Communication

  • Integrated Project Management & Service Management

  • Service Accounting & Construction Accounting

  • Advanced Mobile Workforce Technology

  • Subcontractor Management Web Portals

  • Fully-Integrated CRM & Analytics

Efficient Dispatching with Integrated Field Service Software

Streamline dispatching and scheduling and improve your customer service capabilities with plumbing software that allows your dispatchers to easily oversee incoming calls, concurrent jobs, technicians, field activity, and job status all at once. SAMPro’s system-wide component integration and automation features to allow your dispatchers to handle more work in less time, so you won’t have to hire extra dispatchers to manage increased service calls.

Most of all, if an issue arises in the field that makes a service call fall out of spec, Escalation Manager notifies dispatchers via automated alerts so that they can stay on top of the situation.


  • New Call Board allows dispatchers to quickly enter customer information or retrieve existing customer data and history.
  • Create work orders from new calls with ease, and auto-generate a PO when a work order is assigned to a subcontractor.
  • Graphical dispatch board display lets you custom color-code for priority, work code, and status for at-a-glance convenience to set and adjust schedules.
  • Techfinder software auto-selects the best available technician for an incoming job so your dispatcher doesn’t have to waste time searching for an available tech who qualifies for a certain task.

Streamlined Plumbing Inventory Management

Inventory delays and purchasing issues can dig deeply into profits for plumbing companies. Plumbing inventory management software from Data-Basics works together as a fully-integrated system with the ability to automate many manual inventory tasks. Our plumbing software with automation allows you to lower your costs and save time through proactive procurement management.

For example, our requisitioning module works with SAMPro service management software and job costing software to allow field technicians and project managers to easily notify the purchasing department which materials are needed to fulfill a work order or installation job. This way your company avoids the costs of overstocking and delays from understocking without having to manually monitor inventory at all times.


Dispatcher using plumbing contractor software to manage high volume service calls.

Improve Efficiency and Profits with Plumbing Management Software by Data-Basics

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