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Service Contract Management Software

Maximize Revenue with Reliable, Recurring, Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Service contract management software and maintenance contract management software by Data-BasicsManaging PM contracts is one of the most effective things you can do to solidify your revenue base and out-earn your competitors. Our Preventative Maintenance (PM) Master Scheduler is a centralized workbench that builds preventative maintenance billing, work schedules and tasks to expedite service contract management.

PM Master Scheduler is service contract management software designed with front-to-back office functionality, offering your staff a complete range of tools to create, renew, and also manage service contracts.

Service Contract Management Software Features:

  • Supports Bill in Advance and Time of Service Agreements
  • Time of Service Agreements
  • Equipment Level/Seasonal Task Lists
  • Equipment Level/Seasonal Parts Lists
  • Automatic PM Invoice
  • Automatic Work Order Generation
  • Recurring ETF Payment Processing

Manage Profitable and Easily Sustainable PM Service Contracts

Incorporating a preventative and predictive strategy into the traditional break/fix approach to field service does much more than generate a steady stream of revenue. It provides your customers comprehensive, well-managed service contracts, which instills customer confidence and enhances your overall business reputation.

SAMPro Enterprise provides the automation necessary to manage profitable, easily-sustainable preventative maintenance service contracts for local and national service contractors. Proper fleet maintenance is important in the service industry, and PM contracts help your customers avoid costly breakdowns, lost productivity, and business disruptions.

Tools to Provide Better Service and Improve Cost Accountability

  • Interface with Escalation Manager to track PM work orders and ensure jobs are completed on schedule.
  • Streamline site selection with the Auto-Populate Filter.
  • Set parameters and designate them for multiple sites, rather than entering each site’s data individually.
  • Utilize a flexible and advanced billing schedule for equipment under contract by day, month, work code, and escalation profile.
  • Choose either bill-ahead or bill-as-you-go invoicing.
  • Simplify contract renewals by easily reviewing the past year’s costing for a customer when their contract is up.
  • Specify subcontractor rates for work performed by vendor and equipment type.

Powerful Scalability

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Master Scheduler can easily accommodate various locations and keep track of an unlimited number of sites and jobs per contract. PM Master Scheduler especially meets the demands of national account managers and national maintenance organizations.

Whether a contract covers five sites or five hundred, the PM Master Scheduler will enable your personnel to efficiently administer PM work order scheduling, billing, and subcontractor purchase order generation from one location. Even if a subcontractor will be doing the work, POs and work orders will be auto-generated.

Automate & Analyze to Ensure Profitability

Every component of SAMPro Enterprise software provides our clients options for an advanced ERP system.

In addition to Escalation Manager, PM Master Scheduler interfaces seamlessly with SAMPro’s quoting software, Quote Manager, TechAnywhere Mobile Workforce Software, FMAnywhere, CRMAnywhere and DBAnalytics, keeping each process and role in your organization connected.

What Our Customers Wanted from Their

Service Contract Management Software.

Is your service contract management software able to provide detailed tasks at the equipment level?

Yes. We have taken tasking beyond the visit level so that sites with long lists of equipment populate in detail including the parts, preferred vendors and historical parts pricing options by vendor.


Are you able to help us provide our clients with a more detailed analysis of where their costs are being incurred within a service contract?

Yes. We store costs, billings, and details beyond the contract site and work order level, down to the equipment level so that the owners may see which types of visits and equipment are most problematic.


We need functionality to provide a faster, more complete method of setting up national service contracts.

PM Master Scheduler is an add-on module designed for facility managers and contractors responsible for many regional or national service contract sites. It provides a method of quickly setting up all contract site details by applying master templates of costing and billing schedules standard and unique tasking details, and service providers for every contract site.


Our volume of service contracts is increasing to the point where we require subcontractor service providers in a wide geographical area. Does your software have the provision to track and control pre-negotiated cost agreements with the subs by type of service and type of equipment?

Yes. Escalation Manager will issue a purchase order to a sub automatically when work is scheduled and then track if it was received and if the work was finished in the budgeted amount of time.