Construction Management Software by Data-Basics

SAMPro Enterprise ERP System Construction Management Software Components

SAMPro Enterprise is the premier, start-to-finish resource for project managers to balance time management, cost management, quality management, decision-making, and human resources. Each component of our construction management software suite works in perfect harmony with SAMPro accounting, inventory, and field management software to deliver the business-wide efficiency that creates competitive and comparative advantages for construction companies.

A Construction Management System to Increase Efficiency & Profit

Implementing one highly specialized construction ERP system that controls both field service and construction management functions increases your ability to propose a higher profit markup yet still have a lower bid than your competitors. Project Management, Construction Invoicing, Service & Construction Time Tracking Software, and Job Costing modules provide all the tools necessary to identify and win profitable bids.

  • Job Forecasting
  • Change Order Requests
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Daily Field Reports
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Materials Management
  • Multi-Level WBS Support

Complete Construction ERP Software

We have the power to help you automate and organize multiple construction sites, subcontractors, materials, and labor teams. Much more than traditional construction ERP software, our robust construction management suite is fully integrated with real-time Business Analytics to make the informed split-second decisions that control your bottom line.

With DBAnalytics, project managers can access rich, informative, and easy-to-create interactive management dashboards from any browser locally or in the field.  Overall, analytics provide organizations with new insights and better answers, helping you to manage risk, improve ROI, and increase yield.


Real-Time Communication Technology

SAMPro Enterprise is construction management software designed to meet the unique demands of your business and magnify your ability to accomplish initiating, planning, monitoring, controlling and completing your projects on time and on budget.

Construction is a time-driven business that demands the use of technology to control planning, communication, reporting, and precise, organized documentation within an environment constantly adjusting to unforeseen variables. Your ability to demonstrate the capacity to deliver sound engineering, procurement, and construction principles includes the technology you use to communicate up-to-the-second information, maintain documents, and make informed decisions.