Field Service Dispatch Software

The SAMPro Enterprise ERP System Field Service Software Suite: Field Service Dispatch Software


Field Service Software for Scheduling & Dispatching Technicians

Automated HVAC Scheduling Software & Dispatch Software for Service Companies

Our field service dispatch software is loaded with tools to help you get the right tech to the job fast. It is essential to provide exceptional service from the moment a customer contacts your business. Each integrated component of SAMPro Enterprise is designed to meet the specific departmental needs of your various end users. Our New Call and automated Dispatch Boards are packed with features to help your service dispatchers manage increasing volume with ease and maximum efficiency.

Data Basics offers web based field service dispatch software and service dispatch scheduling software.

HVAC Scheduling & Dispatch Software Features:




HVAC Dispatch Software to Manage Abundant Call Volume:

“At-a-Glance” Graphical Dispatch Board Display

SAMPro Enterprise’s HVAC dispatch software makes it possible for your dispatchers to oversee concurrent jobs and view field activity and job status at-a-glance, so they have the most comprehensive information available when critical scheduling adjustments need to be made.


  • Display multiple dispatch boards simultaneously.
  • Custom Color-coding for priority, work code and status.

HVAC Scheduling Software Includes Automation for Ultimate Field Service Efficiency

With automated features that provide alerts when service calls fall out of spec, SAMPro’s HVAC scheduling software helps you maintain a high standard of service across the board. Specialized field service dispatch software provides superior resource management by giving attention to the work orders that need immediate supervision.


  • Automate and control work order management by triggering a series of alarms and notifications when things do (or don’t) go as planned with Escalation Manager Work Order Software.
  • Tech Finder software can select the best technician for the job based on service zone and certification requirements, is user-customizable, and can be launched from dispatch or a new call.
  • Create work orders from new calls with ease, and auto-generate a PO when a work order is assigned to a subcontractor.
  • Receive “past due” warning summaries and collection details.

Quickly Enter New or Access Existing Customer Information

Our New Call board allows you to easily enter new customer information or retrieve existing customer data and history. Your dispatchers’ ability to access vital information and “ask the right questions” can reinforce customer loyalty and inspire confidence in new clients. From the first call to the last, SAMPro’s HVAC scheduling software gives you have the speed and efficiency to get the right tech to the job fast.


  • Customizable call scripts per equipment.
  • Special feature for new COD sites adds clients not yet in your database.
  • Quickly locate site and property records.
  • Easily enter any new or additional information such as  work code, work requested or market source.
  • Associate a dedicated technician with a particular piece of equipment or site.
  • Use the Techfinder feature to auto-select the best tech for the job based on their current location and certifications.
  • Automatically check customer AR balance in real-time.
  • Easily process service requests received from FMAnywhere self-service customer web portals.

The Benefits of an ERP Field Service Software System

SAMPro Enterprise offers a field service scheduling software solution that ties the various facets of your service management and construction business needs together in one package. Fully integrated with our Mobile Workforce Software and all management operations including Business Analytics and CRM, you’ll realize true cost savings from an enhanced service operation.