Software Upgrades & Support Services

In-House Support & Development Services for SAMPro Software by Data-Basics

Once your SAMPro Enterprise system is up and running, Data-Basics ensures that SAMPro software continues to deliver the maximum return on investment through ongoing user support. Data-Basics is committed to providing our clients a support team with pertinent software certifications, advanced degrees in business, accounting and high-tech fields, plus years of industry experience.

Our Committed & Experienced Support Team:

You can depend on service from our in-house support department, best-in-class software development team, and dedicated product management staff. Data-Basics provides its staff ongoing training programs and the latest in hardware and file transfer tools to ensure reliable availability to address client concerns.
A Variety of Convenient Support Options

Interactive & Context-Specific Help Guides – SAMPro Enterprise comes pre-installed with 2500 pages of context -specific notes so users can quickly get answers to a specific question by topic.

Printable Training Manuals & Power Point Presentations – As your company grows, we provide printable training documents geared specifically towards new end users both in the back office and in the field. In addition to the printable materials that come with our implementation program, all documents are accessible via download from our SAMPro Software User Forum.

Live Support – In addition to a Personal Account Manager, clients may Contact Our Support Team, where they’ll reach technical specialists and developers located at our corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. (Data-Basics does not outsource for technical support.)

On-site Training Sessions – Clients may request personalized On-Site training sessions by contacting our support department at any time.

E-Mail Notifications – All clients are notified via e-mail of upcoming upgrades and other important information about their SAMPro Enterprise Systems.

The SAMPro Enterprise User Forum – The best learning environments have four aspects; focus on learners, well-organized knowledge, ongoing understanding, and community support. The SAMPro Enterprise User Forum is a networking tool offering tips and best practices from experienced users, information about our annual User Group Meeting, and more.

Annual User Group Meetings – UGM 2015 – Data-Basics’ annual User Group Meeting is now in its 30th year. The entire staff of Data-Basics takes part to welcome users from all over the U.S. and Canada to our corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Our clients have the opportunity to join us each year to network, demo the latest version of SAMPro Enterprise, and learn tips, tricks and best practices to using the software.

Ongoing System Upgrades & Enhancements

DataBasics is committed to constantly improving SAMPro Enterprise and takes into account changing industry needs and user suggestions to make enhancements to our software. Our software maintenance plan includes all program corrections and updates.

  • All custom and general enhancements to the standard package are included in regular updates to ensure product solidarity.
  • Clients receive email notification when new releases become available.
  • Custom and general enhancements are shared among the entire client base to improve the overall standard package.
  • Updates can be downloaded as soon as they become available through our online user forum.
  • Free updates are made available for each major version once per year with smaller releases available when applicable.