Construction Project Management Software


Construction Project Management SoftwareSAMPro PM Workbench

SAMPro Enterprise is the premier, start-to-finish resource for project managers to balance time management, cost management, quality management, decision-making, and human resources. Each component of our construction project management software suite works in perfect harmony with SAMPro accounting, inventory, and field management software to deliver the business-wide efficiency that creates competitive and comparative advantages for construction companies.

Comprehensive Dashboards with Automation and Integrated Analytics

Construction Project management softwarePM Workbench is construction project management software designed to help project managers handle all critical functions related to complex jobs. PM Workbench provides a real-time summary of the cost/progress status of the job as a whole, detailed costing information by cost code or category, and much more.

Nothing surpasses the superior integration of an ERP system when it comes to project management software for construction. All data associated with complex jobs can be accessed directly from the project management dashboard.

Project Management Software Features:

  • RFI/RFP/Submittal/RFQ Document Creation & Tracking
  • Subcontractor PO Managementproject management software for construction
  • Vendor Invoice Approval
  • Change Order Management
  • Job Progress Updates

Construction ERP Software for Organized Control

User experience is primary to the architecture of the PM Workbench component of SAMPro project management software, allowing you to organize jobs however you choose, depending on your business model. The comprehensive dashboard provides a panoramic view of each project with “one-click-access” to precise information for exceptional organization, detailed accountability, and financial clarity.

The PM Workbench dashboard virtually eliminates the frustration of searching for detailed project information. Managers can select from a comprehensive list of project elements and drill down to precise, real-time detail. Our PM software streamlines processes and offers vital insight into existing or potential problems. As all project information is stored in your SAMPro System, it can even help you gain increased accuracy on your future time and cost estimates.

  • Material PO’s
  • Subcontract PO’s
  • Invoices
  • AP Summary
  • Job Progress
  • Quotes
  • Open Work Orders
  • JC Summary
  • Bill To Contract Items
  • Attachments / Notes
  • Reports
  • RFIs
  • Transmittals
  • Submittals
  • RFQs
  • Contacts
  • Milestones for Reporting
  • Budget Entry
  • Rebates
  • Cost Sources / Codes
  • Cost Details

Construction Industry Software with Anywhere Access

All project information entered into your SAMPro Enterprise ERP system, from quoting to billing, is immediately accessible through the PM Workbench Dashboard. SAMPro construction ERP software offers the tightest integration possible between your project management software and the valuable financial data stored in accounting and job costing applications. Our ERP platform allows you access to real-time business data with ease from anywhere with the automated reporting capabilities of ReportAnywhere and DBAnalytics.

  • Set up an unlimited variety of data and analytic reports based on your preferences.
  • Set reports to auto-generate and auto-send via email to key personnel.
  • All reports are accessible via your mobile device with DBAnalytics.

Manage Construction Projects with Financial Clarity and Accountability 

Construction management requires constant monitoring. Knowing your actual, committed, budgeted costs and cost to complete on demand lets you take the guesswork out of accountability. PM Workbench reports drill down into costs for labor, materials, miscellaneous costs and subcontractors. 

Our construction project management software comes equipped with robust, built-in reporting capabilities to help you identify the source of issues that affect the completion of your job.

Whether the solution lies in allocating overtime or additional labor, adjusting material acquisitions, or replacing a subcontractor completely, our reports help to direct your attention where it is needed.

Real-Time Project Updates for Better Collaboration

Project managers have the unique responsibility of orchestrating a variety of jobs and a multitude of employees within one contract. When even one day of rain has the potential to cause thousands of dollars of loss, real-time status updates are crucial to keeping your project moving forward efficiently.

PM Workbench keeps your management team in real-time communication as tasks are completed. The project administrator can set access levels for key team members to update job progress, submit RFIs, and receive responses necessary for critical job site decisions.