CRM Software for Service Contractors: CRMAnywhere®

CRMAnywhere is field service CRM software developed as a fully integrated component of our ERP system. Seamless integration lets you command the power of your customer data to enhance internal communication, reinforce current customer relationships, and acquire new business all in one place.

Transforming Customer Data into Increased Sales & New Business Revenue

Traditional methods didn’t place the need for field service CRM software at the same level as job costing, estimating, or project management. Other CRM software can be isolated from business processes like quoting, often producing mis-communication and missed opportunities.

CRMAnywhere uses the power of SAMPro Enterprise to look at customer data in a new way; to manage, decipher, and transform information into increased sales and new business revenue.

CRMAnywhere® Field Service CRM Software Features:

  • Sales Access to Customer Interactions & Transactions
  • Sales Access to Service History
  • View Service Issues, Pending Orders, Overdue Invoices
  • Up-sell & Cross-Sell Existing Customers
  • Full-Featured Quoting Capabilities
  • Create Custom Reports for Marketing Campaigns
  • Google & Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Sales Forecasting

Communication to Maximize Opportunity

The CRM component of our best-in-class field service and construction ERP system is the final step to superior business communication. CRMAnywhere bridges the gap between your contacts, your quotes, and your analytical or strategic decisions. What makes CRMAnywhere so powerful is its ability to provide connectivity and visibility.

Integrating CRM with enterprise applications like DBAnalytics, ReportAnywhere, and FMAnywhere self -service customer portals provides connection opportunities throughout the sales cycle in addition to making operations more efficient. CRMAnywhere allows you to easily:


  • Unify Your Sales Team;
  • Gain & Maintain Customers;
  • Manage Opportunities & Activities;
  • Track Customer Activity.

Mobility to Manage Leads

CRMAnywhere interprets information entered into the mobile workforce software in real-time, making it easier for you to capitalize on new opportunities. Virtually eliminating double-entry errors, wireless access gives your sales force the power to take lead tracking to the next level.


  • Integrate your scheduled activities & meetings with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Review sales leads generated by your field reps and customers to reduce the time it takes to close a sale.
  • Track the progress of open leads throughout the sales cycle.
  • Create goal or milestone schedules.

Full-Featured Quoting Capabilities

CRMAnywhere field service CRM software allows you access via the web to use the full features of SAMPro Enterprise’s robust quoting abilities.


  • Generate quotes from quote templates.
  • Select multiple quote templates per option and revenue adjustment.
  • Choose fixed fee, percent markup or gross margin quotes.

Analytics to Empower Sales Teams

Data from CRMAnywhere works seamlessly with DBAnalytics and ReportAnywhere, providing your key management team an even sharper image of your business and more power to achieve your goals. Secure, organized, and accessible information received from prospects set the foundation for winning bids and establishing strong, long-term customer relationships. DBAnalytics with CRMAnywhere field service CRM software offers organized insight to:


  • Strategically assign new contacts/opportunities to the sales staff best suited for the job;
  • Track sales management stats, trends, and KPIs;
  • Estimate prospective job value and probability.