Service & Construction Software Implementation

Customized Software Implementation Programs by Data-Basics


Let us leverage our 40+ years of experience to help ensure a comfortable transition to your new software system without affecting your current day-to-day productivity. Software implementation for field service automation and construction management translates quickly into higher salesbetter cash flow, and increased profits. Each phase will leave you comfortableknowledgeable, and prepared for your go-live date.


Our Four Phase Software Implementation Process:

Whether you have ten or ten thousand employees, you will experience the fastest and highest return on investment possible because our software implementation methodology is focused on some of your most valuable assets: your end users.

Why? Software, like any tool, provides the most power and functionality when used correctly. Your project manager from Data-Basics will develop a customized software implementation program suited to your specific needs for hardware, networking, servers, data conversion, and system components as well as guide your staff through each phase of the system rollout.

Consultation is the Foundation of Our Commitment to

Your Company

Decisions critical to the success of your service management and construction accounting software are made well before the first user logs on. Our consultants work closely with your staff to determine your firm’s hardware, network, workflow, reporting, and communications requirements. We then provide recommendations for:

  • Optimal Hardware & Software
  • “Where You Are” and “Where You Want to Be” Analysis
  • Formal Implementation Schedule
  • Data Conversion Strategy
  • Training Plan

Consulting Takes Place at Your Location and Includes:

  • Business Analysis
  • Technology Infrastructure Analysis
  • Identification of Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts
  • In-Depth Review of Your Forms, General Ledger, and Graphic Additions for Possible Improvements.

By spending the time to conduct a detailed analysis from technological, systems and financial perspectives, we are able to provide concrete advice on the available options best suited to your current business environment and your vision of the future.

It is during the consultation phase that we begin building a strong relationship with your key staff members, thus setting the foundation for lasting success as your company grows.

Configuration is Powerful, Built-In Flexibility

One of the most important aspects of state-of-the-art service and construction management software is its configurability, and its ability to provide your staff powerful business tools with an exceptional, user-friendly platform. SAMPro Enterprise is designed for service and construction management industries and configures to use the terminology that best suits your exact blend of field service and construction management responsibilities.

SAMPro Enterprise is one of the most configurable enterprise-level service and construction management software products on the market today. Step two of our service and construction software implementation process is dedicated to best configure your system.


SAMPro Enterprise is Adjustable to Your Unique Specifications

Our software offers a wide variety of customizable options. Field service, work orders, accounting, management aspects, and many more configurations can be made to suit your business requirements . SAMPro Enterprise offers the ability to create:

  • Specialty Menus
  • Buttons
  • Thoroughly Aligned Information Fields
  • More

Client Customizations

Customization is the development of unique, business-specific software. Data-Basics is always at the forefront of development for the service management industry. Though configuration and customization are often used interchangeably, the difference is actually a matter of scale, and most software companies do not offer true customization services.

Data-Basics’ specialized team of programmers and developers have been designing custom, tailor-made software solutions for clients since 1974. Our service and construction management expertise provides the foundation for the development of innovative new products on the cutting edge of our ever-changing business climate.

Data Basics welcomes the opportunity to discuss your ideas for new product development. Please Contact Our Product Development Team at any time to schedule a consultation.

How Do We Ensure Secure & Accurate Data Transfer?

Clients upgrading from their current service management and construction accounting software can be assured that our experience handling large quantities of data accurately and securely is unmatched.

Data conversions begin with a complete assessment of your current system and individual needs for storage and archiving. Data file conversion plans can be developed for a variety of unique scenarios and our proprietary import and data conversion utilities are specifically developed to enable our software to accept data in many different formats. Your critical business data is safe and secure throughout our software implementation process.

The Conversion Process

  • Thorough Outline of Your Pre-Conversion Responsibilities
  • Pre-Conversion Data Clean-Up & Consolidation
  • Mapping
  • Data Backup.

Our methods for performing pre-conversion data clean-up and consolidation, mapping, and backup minimize interference with your daily business activities during the software implementation process, which sets a solid base for secure and accurate upload to your new system. Our consultant will outline your pre-conversion responsibilities and work with you to develop a convenient and effective conversion schedule to accommodate your implementation timeline and budget.

Team Training: End User Endorsement Equals Success

Our comprehensive approach to training is a large part of what makes our service management and construction software implementation methodology so effective. Focusing on end user knowledge and fluency from day one is the best way to maximize the functionality of your system. Our focus on training is a key component of your software implementation.

Proven Methods for Efficient Software Implementation

The development and retention of new knowledge depends largely upon the relationship between what one is learning and what one already knows. Therefore, our training is conducted with information from your own database. Using data your staff is familiar with in the context of our software is just part of what makes our training program unique. This method increases retention, reduces learning stress and builds immediate user confidence.

Admin Specific Training Materials & Resources

All of our training materials and resources have been developed using key elements of researched training techniques. Because we understand the day-to-day responsibilities of service and construction managers as well as their service technicians and dispatchers, each employee in your training plan receives step-by-step instruction and access to a variety of printable training materials.

Our training techniques and schedule are designed to limit disruptions in day-to-day activities, keeping the productivity of your entire team at a max prior to your go-live date. Our team training approach is comprehensive and we also provide you training materials for our suite of back-office and web-based applications used by your technicians and dispatchers.

Continued Support

Data-Basics provides a variety of ongoing training materials and support services to accommodate new additions to your staff as your company grows as well as for system updates. Ask us about additional resources such as our User Forum!