Inventory Management Software

The SAMPro Enterprise ERP System Inventory Management Software Suite


Requisitioning Software for Inventory Management

Inventory & Procurement Software for Field Service & Construction Management

 Advanced communications technology is about getting the right message to the right place. When you are able to do this on a large scale, the benefits are many. Our requisitioning module works with SAMPro service management software and job costing software to allow field technicians and project managers to easily notify the purchasing department which materials are needed to fulfill a work order or installation job.

With SAMPro Enterprise, various departments within one company can act as a centralized purchasing group, increasing efficiency, supporting customer service, creating opportunities for quantity discounts, and much more.

Requisitioning Software Features:

  • Drastically Reduce the Number of POs Issued
  • Aggregate Procurement of Standard Parts Across
  • Multiple Divisions
  • Negotiate Bulk Discounts with Suppliers
  • Supply All Jobs/WOs from Centralized Warehouses

Requisitioning for Your Entire Company

Project managers can easily view real-time reports to see what has been procured versus what still needs to be ordered across your entire company.


  • Work order requisitions for stock, non-stock, and services
  • Internal storeroom requisitions
  • Services requisitions
  • Inventory replenishment requisitions
  • Project requisitions
  • General requisitions

Always In Stock

Our requisitioning software adds automation to the requisitioning process and allows your staff to work more efficiently without replicating purchasing roles department by department. This streamlined communication virtually eliminates the need for double entry.

  • SAMPro automatically requisitions PM parts that will be needed each time a PM visit is made.
  • Techs can create requisitions directly from the job site via TechAnywhere, mobile workforce software.
  • Parts can be requisitioned directly from imported job budgets.

Beyond its essential function of ensuring that necessary supplies are readily available for work orders and installation jobs, the module also allows service to forecast products needed for future PM work orders and to keep trucks stocked with frequently used parts.

Reduced Product Costs

SAMPro Enterprise is able to handle the needs of large companies and multiple departments with ease. For large companies with multiple departments, this module can assist in creating one centralized purchasing group, so each department is not buying its own parts ad hoc as needed.

The requisitioning module can help companies buy in aggregate to satisfy the purchasing needs for the entire company. Depending on the amount of supplies your company uses, this can allow for quantity price breaks and a drastic reduction in the number of POs created.