Shop Floor Management Software

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Shop Floor Control Software

Track Productivity & Control Costs with Shop Floor Control Software

SAMPro Enterprise includes shop floor control software.SAMPRo’s shop floor control software is the ideal solution for service operations that need the ability to assemble finished goods based on a Bill of Material. Successful shop floor control demands broad, real-time visibility to track activities, productivity and control costs. SAMPro Enterprise’s shop floor control software provides the automation, data collection, and in-depth reporting capabilities you need to efficiently output quality assemblies/sub-assemblies on time and on budget.

Shop Floor Control Software Features:

  • Create a Variety of BOM Templates
  • Easily Pull Items From Stock
  • View Current Stock Status of Individual Components
  • Seamless ERP Integration
  • Rules-Based-Automation

Detailed Organization

With SAMPro Enterprise, unique items/orders are easily assembled since the system automatically imports the BOM from the inventory item into the shop order detail.

  • Use the inventory record’s BOM to quickly create assemblies and sub-assemblies.
  • Use the BOM as a template without altering the original in cases where there is a “one-off” assembly.
  • Make modifications to BOM records that are considered “just-this-time.”

What if a new order comes in requiring a one-off assembly that is similar to other, more traditional assemblies? SAMPro Enterprise’s shop floor software lets you pull the necessary parts from inventory for the “one-off” using the traditional assembly’s BOM as a template. Additionally, labor and material costs are rolled into the final cost of the inventoried assembly.

Prioritize, Track & Report

Our shop floor control software helps you prioritize, track, and report against production orders and schedules. Whether the decision is to refurbish an existing stock item or to efficiently use shop time and resources, SAMPro can provide your business with powerful tools for shop floor control.

Because SAMPro Entrprise is an ERP software system, you can count on seamless integration between its components to help you to evaluate current resource status.


  • Set up rules that prioritize the needed shop floor inventory ahead of the needs from inventory sales.
  • Release shop orders to inventory and purchasing without releasing to the shop.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with job shop for labor and other material costs.