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Service Management Software for Electrical Contractors by Data-Basics, Inc.


Electrical Contractor Management Software

Electrical contractors need powerful management software to help oversee their businesses. SAMPro Enterprise can increase company productivity and profit with one integrated electrical contracting software system designed to improve business capabilities. Data-Basics has provided specialty contracting software solutions for over 40 years and can assist electrical contractors and national maintenance organizations in saving money and resources with a comprehensive package of accounting and field service software components.

Improve Communication with Electrical Technicians

Technicians are an important part of every service business. SAMPro Enterprise improves the ability to manage and assist electrical technicians with TechAnywhere Mobile Field Service Software.

TechAnywhere enables two-way communication between the back office and technicians in the field. TechAnywhere gives techs the ability to quickly and easily complete tasks through a user-friendly mobile platform that works on any wireless android device. Technicians can fill out job tickets, create purchase orders, and complete other key responsibilities directly from the field. TechAnywhere also gives techs the ability to access important equipment and job site information with real-time updates, eliminating delays and maximizing productivity.

Streamline Equipment and Inventory Management

Successful electrical contractors need to have the right parts and equipment on-hand to maximize first-time fix rates. SAMPro includes effective equipment and inventory management software to help contractors evaluate their current needs and streamline procurement management.

Poor equipment and inventory practices can drastically affect a contracting business. Electrical contractor inventory management software gives contractors complete control over inventory levels for an unlimited number of technicians and warehouses. SAMPro Enterprise automates procurement procedures to ensure that the right parts and materials are always in stock.

Intgrated CRM: Increase Revenue with New Business

New customers are key to increasing revenue. CRM software allows electrical contractors to use customer data to improve relationships and increase new business. CRMAnywhere by Data-Basics is a fully-integrated component that interfaces with SAMPro accounting software, field service software, and construction software to ensure that contractors don’t miss out on business opportunities.

While other CRM software may not be able to obtain information from isolated business processes, CRMAnywhere can access and manage all customer data to help achieve greater profits. Fully-integrated CRM software lets managers use stored business data to perform a variety of tasks that help electrical contracting businesses increase sales.


  • Access Customer Interactions & Transactions
  • Access to Service Histories
  • View Service Issues, Pending Orders, Overdue Invoices
  • Up-sell & Cross-Sell Existing Customers
  • Provide Quotes from the Field
  • Create Custom Reports for Marketing Campaigns
  • Integrate Google & Outlook Calendars
  • Forecast Sales

Manage Electrical Contracting Business Analytics

Electrical contractors have to do more than simply monitor field activity. Critical management and sales decisions are made from the field and the back office every day. Business data helps answer important questions about company activities. DBAnalytics presents the power to access business data in a whole new way.

Unorganized or unclear data offers little insight into how to improve a company. DBAnalytics helps you visualize your data, providing real-time reports through interactive management dashboards. SAMPro Enterprise software for electrical contractors keeps an accurate store of information so that DBAnalytics can extract insightful KPIs to help determine everything from the most lucrative jobs to your company’s current financial state. DBAnalytics provides an unlimited number of KPI’s to unlock the hidden value in business data and highlight new ways to make businesses more profitable.

Align Resources with Strategies
• Realize Cost Inefficiencies
• Improve Competitiveness
• Synchronize Financial & Operational Strategies

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SAMPro Enterprise Software Systems by Data-Basics helps electrical contractors improve efficiency and communications between all parts of their organization.


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