Inventory Management Software for Service & Construction Contractors

SAMPro Enterprise ERP System Inventory Management Components

With SAMPro Enterprise, your company can drive down costs through proactive procurement management and a level of control that many small and mid-size companies have never been able to experience. SAMPro’s procurement, service, and construction inventory management software is a next-generation tool that enables advanced inventory and procurement processes.

View Inventory Usage and Sales Online

Overstocking and under-stocking practices can be extremely costly to your business. Real-time access to the complete spectrum of your goods can help you avoid the management, storage and other costs associated with too much inventory as well as the customer dissatisfaction or missed business opportunities that result from too little.

Conveniently view real-time information from the inventory item record, including:


  • Stock status by location,
  • POs (with drill-down detail),
  • Vendors,
  • Bill of Material,
  • Uses in other equipment’s BOMs,
  • Client Order Processing (COP) Sales,
  • Serial/lot numbers,
  • MSDS,
  • Year to date summary,
  • Special pricing.
SAMPro is construction inventory management software that helps contractors at all stages of procurement.

Proactive Inventory Management Software for Field Service & Construction Contractors

Inventory management and procurement is more than a process. It is a dynamic, ever-changing practice that can quickly impact the bottom line when service and construction materials are delayed or unavailable.

Service and Construction Inventory Management Software Automation

Fine tuning inventory levels requires constant monitoring, especially while your business is in a stage of growth. Automation is key to achieving maximum efficiency and is at the foundation of our inventory software. ReportAnywhere works to assist you in compensating for increases or decreases in product demand, and provide the insight to make adjustments accordingly.


Unlimited Data Storage for Warehouses, Trucks and Shop Order Locations

Scalability is one of SAMPro Enterprise’s best overall features. As your service business grows, SAMPro Enterprise easily accommodates increases in your inventory volume and organizing the complexities associated with managing multiple vehicles and locations. SAMPro’s field service inventory management software can scale to accommodate service operations of all sizes.


  • Cross reference vendor and customer part number all via the inventory management software.
  • Take advantage of serialized lot control & tracking.
  • Track costing by location using standard cost, average cost or last cost.
  • Supports BOMs/components that handle multiple sub-assemblies.
  • Supports special client pricing with unit pricing/markups and price codes.
  • Real-Time Backorder & Allocation

  • Unlimited Trucks & Warehouses

  • Shop Floor Assemblies

  • Supports Multiple Pricing Structures