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Equipment Rental Software

Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental softwareEquipment rentals are only profitable when you keep track of your assets. SAMPro Enterprise’s equipment rental software component is designed to help you keep rental inventory and invoicing in balance.

Equipment Rental Software Features:

  • Multiple-Location Equipment Tracking
  • Automated Billing Options
  • Asset Maintenance Scheduling
  • Cost vs. Revenue Analysis

Knowing where your assets are at all times is paramount to making sure equipment rental is profitable for your business. Idle inventory has the potential to become a liability when considering the cost of maintenance and storage.

Our equipment rental software is a fully integrated component of the SAMPro Enterprise ERP system, and data is always available in real-time, so you won’t miss an opportunity to put your equipment to work.

Tracking & History

You can easily search your entire inventory by a variety of criterion including serial number, model, manufacturer, etc., to see what is in stock, what is on-site, and when a rented asset will become available. By individual asset, you can view rental history, the length of time at each job, and revenue generated.

Automated Billing Features

SAMPro Entrprise’s equipment rental software makes it easy for your back office team to keep track of asset billing by allowing you to automatically schedule invoices according to the schedule on your job-sites. You can also run rental invoices in conjunction with your service invoices.

Take Advantage of DBAnalytics

Use DBAnalytics to run a variety of reports that can help you manage your rental equipment and maximize profitability. “Dollars From Use” or “Idle” cost reports can give you the focused insight you need to make critical decisions about your equipment and how it is being used. Learn more about how DBAnalytics works to turn your business data into actionable insight.