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Field Service Software for Automation

Business Workflow Automation with Rules-Based Management & DBExchange Middleware

HVAC workflow automation softwareOur automation features are a large part of what makes SAMPro Enterprise the superior ERP solution throughout the US and Canada for businesses with both field service and construction management needs . SAMPro’s HVAC workflow automation software features are built into its core functionality for reporting, dashboard analytics, and document management.

Our ERP system is more than just a collection of software modules.


It is a comprehensive, single-source software tool that enables HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other specialty service contractors,construction contractors and national service providers to:

  • Proactively Manage Operations;
  • Automatically Schedule & Execute Critical Reporting;
  • Communicate Securely (via the Web) with Technicians, Clients, Managers, Subcontractors & Vendors.


Field Service & HVAC Workflow Automation Software Features:

  • Rules-Based Management (RBM)
  • DBExchange Middleware Software
  • Proactive, Automated Notifications
  • Automated, Detailed Reporting
  • Sophisticated Business Analytics

What is Rules-Based Management?

Rules-Based Management (RBM) Technology is what sets SAMPro Enterprise apart from other software packages. With this signature technology by the developers at Data-Basics, you can establish a set of rules that the software automatically enforces at the first sign of a potential problem. By raising red flags and addressing issues before they get out of control, Rules-Based Management can minimize operator intervention and enforce policies, procedures and practices. This improved efficiency leads to an immediately measurable ROI.

How Does Rules-Based Management Technology Expedite Workflow?

Rules-Based Management is at the core of SAMPro Enterprise. A “Rules-Based” system creates an answer to a problem in the place of a human expert. Once your business puts RBM in place, you will have the tools to improve efficiency, cut costs and much more. Workflow automation software with RBM technology will:


  • Automate many of the day-to-day tasks that currently require personnel.
  • Eliminate the need for additional staff.
  • Streamline your workflow.
  • Enable consistent, high-quality service.

What is DBExchange Middleware?

DBExchange Middleware is the software that manages the exchange of information between the SAMPro SQL Server database and the outside world. It enables applications and hardware to transmit and receive specific data to and from SAMPro Enterprise’s database via the internet.

How Does DBExchange Middleware Work?

DBExchange connects all the right pieces of your business by communicating directly with the database from the browser based components allowing you to easily:

  • Communicate with employees in the field via wireless-enabled devices.
  • Grant customers access to the information you choose.
  • Offer customers the opportunity to submit service requests, manage open work orders, review/approve/decline quotes and/or run custom reports.
  • Leverage existing technologies such as the Web, e-mail and text for improved efficiency.

The software’s functionality is extended through components like EscalationManager, FMAnywhere, ReportAnywhere, all with automation features to keep your workflows running with maximum efficiency.

Escalation Manager:

Proactively Manage Operations

DBEscalationManagers by Data-Basics


Escalation Manager Work Order Software technology automates much of the service workflow process, using user-defined “escalation profiles” that enable the system to e-mail, fax or text a manager if a work order falls out of spec.

This built-in functionality removes a great deal of human intervention from routine processes, helping you to more efficiently allocate (or reduce) resources for a service department and enable Management by Exception.

  • Automate the dispatch board and work order management.
  • Automatically notify technicians / subcontractors of newly-assigned work orders.
  • Trigger alarms when an action fails to occur, facilitating management by exception.
  • Receive an alarm message when a work order fails to be completed within the appropriate timeline.
  • Receive updates anywhere with active notifications via e-mail, fax or text.
  • Receive notifications when an event takes place (or at a set time afterward); for example, send an e-mail to a technician when a work order is assigned to him or automatically fax (or e-mail) a customer once a work order is completed.
  • Define and enforce customer-based service profiles to suit customer needs with service work orders or preventive maintenance work orders.
  • Improve customer relations with our work order software by using Escalation Manager to send confirmation of work requested, notification of work completed or thank you e-mails to customers once a service is complete.


Automatically Schedule & Execute Critical Reporting

hvac customer database software


Efficiency is directly related to precision. ReportAnwhere is a powerful, versatile tool in the SAMPro Entrprise ERP system with the ability to schematize the mechanics of any process in your operation. Customizable, detailed, reports break down data to reveal a real-time description of KPI’s pertinent to a manager’s department. Reports can be generated 24/7 and delivered at predetermined intervals to any key manager via email.

ReportAnywhere works like a diagnostic device for every aspect of your business. It utilizes Rules-Based Management, which enables management by exception and works in tandem with Escalation Manager. ReportAnywhere works with sales, HR, AR, AP, inventory, invoicing, collections and more. ReportAnywhere was designed to help to prevent lost revenues by seizing upon timely information, or anticipating opportunities, instead of responding to crises.


  • Receive up-to-date project reports via e-mail or fax on mission-critical information.
  • Design reports that alert you to issues before they become problems and then schedule these “exception reports” for automatic distribution.
  • Generate reports in a variety of formats including HTML, PDF, CSV (viewable in spreadsheet software) and plain text.
  • Schedule reports to execute any time and get sent to anyone.
  • Supports document management and document archiving.
  • Supports distribution lists and e-mail groups.
  • Supports relative dates for report scheduling, which allows easy “rolling reporting” on financial records.


Embedded Business Intelligence Software for Contractors

hvac customer database software



Why have business analytics become increasingly important in today’s marketplace? Technology now provides us a once unimaginable perspective of business interaction. The ability to collect and store vast amounts of data has inspired a deeper and more detailed understanding of efficiency, market trends and even predictive decision making. Business analytics software is the key to unlocking the power hidden in your data.

DBAnalytics transforms your data into a vivid, multi-dimensional portrait of your business activities. Access instant, real-time business analysis reports with easy to create, rich, informative and interactive management dashboards that run in any browser locally or in the field. Multi-level analytics can be created so that supporting data and reports are just a single click away. Our embedded business intelligence software is the bedrock of proactive, fact-based decision-making.Learn more about DBAnalytics…


  • Real-Time Mobile Access From Any Browser
  • Track Unlimited Key Performance Indicators
  • Measure Performance Against Goals
  • User Defined Dashboards
  • Multi-Level Analytics
  • Multi-Company Analytics
  • Reports in “One Click”
  • Secure Access