Service Management Web Portals by Data-Basics

The Anytime, Anywhere Power of Web Portals

SAMPro Enterprise offers a variety of service management web portals for both field service and construction contractors. These web-based interfaces work to provide your customers, your technicians and your management team secure, remote access to the information they need, when they need it. Our Anywhere Suite of applications are the secure and convenient solution to staying connected.

Streamline communication, strengthen customer relationships, and reduce costs with SAMPro’s full suite of customizable service management web portals for remote time entry, customer service, subcontractor management, CRM, and ERP business intelligence and analytics.

TimeAnywhere: Remote Time Entry Web Portal

The TimeAnywhere remote time entry web portal expedites employee management and expense tracking. TimeAnywhere can be customized to accommodate any number of employees and job categories to include your field service and construction mobile workforce. TimeAnywhere is the gold award winner in the Contractor Services and Software category of the 2016 Dealer Design Awards. Learn more about the TimeAnywhere remote time entry web portal…

  • Real-Time Project Management
  • Fully Integrated with SAMPro’s Payroll, ADP, Paychex, and Others
  • Automated Reporting


TimeAnywhere service management web portals for contractors to enter employee time remotely.

FMAnywhere: Self-Service Customer Web Portal
The FMAnywhere self-service web portal lets you offer your customers a secure and easy way to review their service requests and invoices, enter a new service request, accept a quote, and much more. Unique, customizable self-service portals can easily be made for individual customers. Our self-service portals include reporting and analytics, valuable additional services that your customers will appreciate year after year. Learn more about the FMAnywhere self-service customer web portal…


  • Create & Manage Work Requests
  • Streamline Quotes & Approval Processes
  • Customize Per Client
  • Real-Time Information Access
  • Historical Data Storage
  • Advanced, On-Demand Reporting


FMAnywhere Self-Service Customer Web Portals for service management and construction..

SubAnywhere: Service Subcontractor Management Web Portal
Our service subcontractor management web portal utilizes wireless and web-based technology to take business communication between your company, your clients, and your service subcontractors to the next level. Using any web-enabled wireless device or PC, SubAnywhere eliminates correspondence issues over extended service areas by providing a direct and secure line of communication for an unlimited number of service subcontractors and work orders. Learn more about the Subanywhere service subcontractor management web portal…

  • Eliminate Cross-Platform Integration Issues
  • Optimize Day-to-Day Operations
  • Real-Time Communication with Subs
  • Receive Active Notification When Jobs Fall Out of Spec


SubAnywhere service subcontractor management web portals allows contractors to manage subcontractors nationwide.

DBAnalytics: Business Intelligence & Analytics Web Portal

The DBAnalytics web portal for field service and construction management transforms your data into a vivid, multi-dimensional portrait of your business activity. Instantly access real-time business analysis reports from personalized and interactive management dashboards that run in any browser locally or in the field. Learn more about the DBAnalytics business intelligence and analytics portal…

  • Real-Time Mobile Access from Any Browser
  • User Defined Dashboards
  • Track Unlimited Key Performance Indicators
  • Measure Performance Against Goals
  • Multi-Level Analytics
  • “One-Click” Reporting
  • Secure Access


The DBAnalytics Business Intelligence and Analytics Web Portal for service management and construction companies.

CRMAnywhere: Customer Relationship Management Web Portal
The CRMAnywhere web portal helps your field service sales force command the power of your customer data to enhance internal communication, reinforce customer relationships, and acquire new business all in one place. Learn more about the CRMAnywhere customer relationship management web portal


  • Sales Access to Customer Interactions & Transactions
  • Sales Access to Service History
  • View Service Issues, Pending Orders, Overdue Invoices
  • Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Existing Customers
  • Full-Featured Quoting Capabilities
  • Create Custom Reports for Marketing Campaigns
  • Google & Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Sales Forecasting


The CRMAnywhere Customer Relationship Management Web Portal for service management and construction management.