Data-Basics’ Service Partners

SAMPro Service Software Integration with XOEye TechnologiesXOEye Technologies equips field technicians with wearable technology systems that capture and share the right visual information with the right people at the right time. Through their cloud-based platform Vision, XOEye helps to harness the power of real-time video, audio communication, and content sharing to unlock business opportunities and boost revenue.

It will empower teams to make faster, more informed business decisions that can provide customers with an experience that is unmatched. On-site technicians are equipped with smart, safety-certified eyewear devices that run XOEye’s custom applications to communicate with experts, connect with decision-makers, document work performed, and increase overall efficiency.

Fleetmatics LogoFleetmatics Group PLC is a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes, delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Fleetmatics GPS tools enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing local fleets, and improve the productivity of their mobile workforces, by extracting actionable business intelligence from real-time and historical vehicle and driver behavioral data.

Fleetmatics Group’s intuitive, cost-effective web-based solutions provide fleet operators with insight into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage, and other aspects of their mobile workforce, enabling them to reduce operating and capital costs, as well as increase revenue. An integrated, full-featured mobile workforce management product provides additional efficiency related to job management by empowering the field worker and speeding the job completion process from quote to payment. Fleetmatics serves over 31,000 customers, with over 655,000 subscribed vehicles worldwide.

Open Edge Field Service Credit Card ProcessingOpenEdge helps software developers and businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions. OpenEdge supports credit card transactions and offers seamless integration with SAMPro Enterprise. As the integrated technologies division of Global Payments Inc., OpenEdge driving payments innovation – adapting, scaling and simplifying how payments are processed, across platforms and points-of-in teraction, in an increasingly complex landscape. OpenEdge serves more than 2,000 technology partners across 60 industry verticals throughout the United States and Canada.