XOi Vision™: A Seamless Integration with Your SAMPro® System

As a fully integrated partner with Data-Basics, XOi Vision™ works seamlessly with TechAnywhere® to capture and share critical on-the-job information with clients and your back office. XOi’s Vision™ can empower your techs to solve problems faster, set your sales leaders apart from the competition with a better customer experience and optimize your workforce by providing consistent quality and validation in the field.


  • TechAnywhere® features two direct menu option links to your XOi Vision™ account letting you choose what is saved to SAMPro® and what you share with your customer via the “Work Performed Tab” and the “Document Manager Tab.”


  • Techs can attach video or image documents to customer invoices with one click (clickable media links are auto-generated on PDF invoices.)


  • Captured media can be easily sent to the back office, and auto-populates throughout SAMPro on the Site Record, Work Order, etc.


  • XOi provides secure, unlimited, cloud-based storage for all of your video and image documentation.



40% of the country’s skilled trade labor force is eligible to retire in the next ten years. XOi Vision™ lets you empower less-experienced technicians with real-time access to a limitless knowledge base created by your own Master Technicians, and leverage your collective company knowledge to win new contracts.


XOi Vision™ technology increases transparency and confirms accountability. Techs can easily capture video and photo evidence at each service call letting you show your customers exactly what needs to be repaired and what a great repair looks like.


Seeing is believing. Video and photo documentation lets you provide customers superior service call information and enhanced service records. Highlighting this technology helps you gain the edge over competitors and secure more new business.


Learn more about Adding XOi Vision™ to Your SAMPro® System and Put Your Best Tech on Every Site

Vision™ works to enhance your real-time audio-visual communication and documentation by delivering one comprehensive solution for training, field support, and business transparency. Vision™ combined with your SAMPro® system can help you:


  • Retain and leverage your most experienced field reps.
  • Train your new reps consistently and quickly.

  • Increase daily service volume and revenue.

  • Increase first-time-fix rates.