XOi Vision: A Seamless Integration with Your SAMPro® System

As a fully integrated partner with Data-Basics, XOi Vision works seamlessly with TechAnywhere® to capture and share critical on-the-job information with clients and your back office. The cloud-based application empowers techs to solve problems faster, sets your business apart with a tangible differentiator, and optimizes your workforce by providing consistent quality and validation in the field.


  • TechAnywhere® features two direct menu option links to your XOi Vision account, allowing you to seamlessly attach customer-facing visual insights right inside work receipts.


  • Clickable media links are auto-generated and can be shared via receipts, text message or email for faster customer approvals and issue resolution.


  • XOi provides secure, unlimited, cloud-based storage for all of your video and image documentation.
  • Captured content is routed to the back office, and auto-populates throughout SAMPro on the Site Record, Work Order, etc. to alert your sales team of new opportunities in need of quoting, send safety documentation to managers and automate any number of other communications.





XOi Vision increases transparency and confirms accountability, providing a customer experience unlike any other contractor. Techs can easily capture video and photo evidence on every service call, keeping customers informed as far as what needs to be repaired and what a great repair looks like.


Seeing is believing. Proof in the form of photos and video enhances your service records and transforms your typical customer deliverable, gaining your organization an edge over competitors and securing you more business.


With more technicians retiring out of the field than getting into it, contractors need a way to capture and replicate the knowledge of their best workers. With XOi Vision, every technician is armed with instant digital access to a comprehensive library of manuals, diagrams, and internally created training content.


Learn more about integrating XOi Vision into your SAMPro system for a seamless experience for technicians, managers, and customers alike.

Vision works to enhance your real-time audio-visual communication and documentation by delivering one comprehensive solution for field support, technician training, and business transparency.


Combined with your SAMPro® system, Vision can help you:


  • Leverage and retain your most experienced technicians.
  • Train greener technicians quickly and consistently.
  • Increase daily service volume, revenue and profit margins.
  • Increase first-time-fix rates.