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GPS Tracking Integration with SAMPro Enterprise

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Automated maintenance monitoring coupled with advanced analytic insight into driver behavior can provide an almost immediate ROI empowering managers with timely and relevant information. Don’t settle for simply knowing where your vehicles have been! Improve efficiency and reduce the overall transportation and staff costs of your service fleet by seamlessly allowing the transfer of vital information between your commercial vehicle fleet and your back office.

GPS Tracking for Comprehensive, Real-Time Fleet Management:

Data Basics and Verizon Connect

  • Work Order/Customer Data Transfer
  • Geofences
  • Vehicle Location
  • Driver Behavior
  • Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Customized Reports
  • Automated Alerts

SAMPRo Enterprise with Verizon Connect provides advanced control options with a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of your fleet -at your desk, on your tablet, or using your smart phone.

Many FTS (Fleet Telematics Systems) are designed to provide vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage and other insights into driver behavior. Verizon Connect combined with the power of SAMPro Enterprise goes beyond simply collecting data. It translates vital information into easy-to-read reports.

Automated alerts set to your specifications help to reduce breakdowns and costly repairs, manage your field service team, and monitor field activity to maximize efficiency. As always, data flows seamlessly with your SAMPro Enterprise service, construction management and accounting components.

GPS Tracking Features:


Driver ID – Collect individual and accurate data even if your drivers frequently share vehicles. Each driver is required to log in to the vehicle’s key reader with a personalized key FOB prior to each service call. With this ‘driver-focused data,’ you can access any key report, fleet dashboard or visual activity based on the driver, not just the vehicle, for a clean, consistent view of employee logistic activities.


Reports – Vehicle management reports make a big impact on ROI. Custom reporting features allow you to share specific reports with the need-to-know members of your management staff regarding fuel costs, employee activity, time card records, driving style and more. The concise, interactive reports even allow you to rank employee performance based on your set criterion.


Dashboard – Our user-friendly dashboards provide clear visuals to organize information and translate ‘hours and miles’ into ‘dollars and cents.’ Individualized employee performance reports outline clear metrics like engine hours, overtime hours, fuel costs and more, and are an excellent tool for coaching and training your staff. Setting benchmarks for each metric will allow you to see the true savings as your efficiency increases over time.


Fleet Maintenance – Regularly servicing your vehicles can keep them on the road longer as well as reduce lost time and large repair bills due to breakdowns. Our software records each vehicle’s service history and and will automatically alert you via email based on your set preferences of service date, vehicle mileage, or hours of use.


Timeline View & Replay – Watch a visual and interactive display of vehicle and driver activity from start to finish. Early starts, early finishes, hour-off activity, long stops, even excessive idleness can be seen at a glance with our timeline. The Route Replay feature with map view provides accurate documentation of your service calls. It is also ideal for identifying and alerting you to any unnecessary re-routes, unauthorized stops or otherwise unproductive travel.


Geofences – This is custom tracking! A geofence is a virtual perimeter created around a real-world location and used to categorize activity. What does that mean? No longer will you be stuck managing thousands of points of interest by hand. This feature automatically identifies key locations your drivers visit and the software categorizes them for you. We also provide rankings, vital statistics, and stop-by-stop details. Geofences give you an even sharper image of your data by logging the number of visits to a location, the average time spent at each location, and the average travel time.


Real-Time Alerts – Get critical updates on your drivers in real-time! Speeding, excessive idling, entering areas outside the work zone and more. Alert types include harsh driving and late or long starts and can be set to monitor individual employees and to alert specified managers. Real-time alerts can help to improve the safety and security of your vehicles and your staff. Monitored driving often leads to a reduced overall accident rate and the potential for safe driver insurance discounts.


Fuel Card – Monitor your fuel spending to identify which vehicles are operating smoothly and which do not meet their target efficiency ratings. Fuel purchase reports let you see where every fuel dollar was spent, including discrepancies where a vehicle was not at a fuel pump when its assigned fleet fuel card was used. This feature can also calculate the carbon footprint of each vehicle for companies seeking to secure “green” contracts.

“We thought, ‘how can we keep our overhead down, yet increase our volume,’ and software is the way we found it.”
(Read Finding a Fleet Management Fit, by Joanne Tucker, in Automotive Fleet Magazine Online.)

Dottie Depfer

Owner, Superior Mechanical