Outside GPS Integrations with SAMPro ERP



Outside GPS Integrations

SAMPro supports integrations with VTS and Verizon.
Silent Passenger® integration with SAMPro Enterprise Field Service Software enables users to see real-time locations of vehicles to cross reference available technicians with current work orders. Data from Silent Passenger is easily pulled into your SAMPro system for use with DBFleet. This allows for easy ability to organize schedules, manage and track job progress, and manage the dispatching process.

GPS Tracking Features with Silent Passenger:

Fleet Cards –

Driver ID – Provides versatility of a mobile time clock, employee accountability tool, and inspection terminal, by
viewing completed jobs, driving time, and when drivers start and stop for the day.

Fleet IQ – Configurable real-time updating dashboards deliver actionable business intelligence on mobile
workforces to help understand how fleet performance impacts your business.

Fuel Management – Increase fuel efficiency by monitoring fuel purchases, comparing expected fuel usage to
actual usage, and pinpointing and correcting driver behaviors that lead to excessive fuel use.

Routing – View all open jobs on a map and use the map to build routes visually, making it simple to optimize each
route-shortening travel times.

Software Integration – Application Programming Interface (API) that can be added to third-party software to
transfer information between that platform and Silent Passenger.

Vehicle Maintenance – Track vehicle repairs, maintenance and service history, and automate scheduled maintenance

Multiview – Choose from up to six real-time views and nine layouts to get a true overview of your fleet’s location and

Quickview – Access to a scheduling viewer for appointment updates and notifications, delivered via text, email or the
SP Quick View App.

Compliance – Go digital with HOS and DVIR processes to keep drivers and company compliant and safe.

Data Basics and Verizon Connect​SAMPRo Enterprise with Verizon Connect provides advanced control options with a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of your fleet -at your desk, on your tablet, or using your smart phone. Work order data from your SAMPro system is visible on VERIZON GPS screens and as always, data flows seamlessly with your SAMPro Enterprise service, construction management and accounting components.

Many FTS (Fleet Telematics Systems) are designed to provide vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage and other insights into driver behavior. Verizon Connect combined with the power of SAMPro Enterprise goes beyond simply collecting data. Automated alerts set to your specifications help to reduce breakdowns and costly repairs, manage your field service team, and monitor field activity to maximize efficiency.


GPS Tracking Features with Verizon Connect:

Driver ID, Reports, Dashboard, Fleet Maintenance, Timeline View & Replay, Geofences, Real-Time Alerts, Fuel Card.


  • Work Order/Customer Data Transfer
  • Geofences
  • Vehicle Location
  • Driver Behavior
  • Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Customized Reports
  • Automated Alerts
“We thought, ‘how can we keep our overhead down, yet increase our volume,’ and software is the way we found it.” (Read Finding a Fleet Management Fit, by Joanne Tucker, in Automotive Fleet Magazine Online.)
Dottie Depfer

Owner, Superior Mechanical